Creative {Legal} Accounting

Our team of CPAs and Accountants assist clients with every stage of financial management from entity creation and initial setup to monthly accounting functions and tax strategy & preparation. Our goal is to handle the business essential-tasks needed to successfully manage an enterprise.


Bookkeeping - Keeping the books real

Cash is the lifeblood of any business and especially for small businesses where cash is king! Properly managing your cash needs is burdensome, time-consuming and distracting. Administrivia ensures that receivables are turned into cash, payables are disbursed when appropriate and all transactions are recorded in your accounting system.

Quickbooks Pro - More than just software

Whether you’re already using QuickBooks or want to explore using it, Administrivia is a QuickBooks pro. We work with hundreds of clients and have the experience to get QuickBooks configured and working for you the way you need it to.


Financial Reporting & Analysis - Now I get it

Understand where your receivables are in relation to your revenue cycle and understand which of your products and services drive the greatest profit margins. Administrivia financial models arm you with the actionable insights to be able to manage expenses and steer good decision-making for profitable growth. Financial reporting services range from the basic financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows and Statement of Owner’s Equity) to an in-depth financial ratio analysis and review commentary.

Business Advisement - Geeky smart experts helping you navigate uncharted waters

Strategically establishing, managing and growing your company’s financial future requires the skills and experience of a seasoned business adviser. What is the most advantageous, tax-saving corporate structure? When should I make that new investment in equipment? Should I lease or purchase that equipment. Is it best to keep my employees as contractors or bring them on as full-time employees? “Which products/service lines are truly the most profitable, and how can I further leverage those margins? These are just a few examples ofwhen it makes sense to partner with an expert adviser who will work with you to provide greater insight and expertise for strategic financial decision-making and long term growth.

Payroll - Painless payroll

Payroll services are customized to meet your company’s needs with dedicated customer support and detailed reporting. Administrivia frees your company from the time-consuming drudgery of payroll management.  From checks to year-end reports, your payroll is handled by our staff of experts with total accuracy and efficiency.

Tax Strategy & Preparation - You work hard for your money

Let’s see if we can save you some money. Does your business have a unique or complex tax situation? Our team of tax and accounting experts specialize in small business tax consulting and preparation, managing all aspects of tax service from business entity selection to tax planning and monthly, quarterly, annual and semiannual tax preparation.