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Administrivia specializes in the Pet Sitter industry.

Specializing in accounting tax strategy and payroll.

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You know you have to stay ahead of the game. Your customers love you. You’re crazy busy. Now, more than ever, it’s important that you focus on your business operations. Easy to say. Not easy to do.

Three Financial Considerations That Make A Difference

  • LLC. versus an S corp.? Understand the differences and be strategic in choosing the right business framework for your firm. The right choice can result in significant savings, which drop right to your bottom line.
  • Are your expenses in alignment with your revenue? Are they in alignment with the Pet Sitter industry? Getting better visibility into your financials will help you fast track your road to greater profitability.
  • Are your new hires contract of full time employees? Contract employees (1099) vs. full time employees (W2) represent different financial responsibilities for owners. Getting this right is good. Getting this wrong is very not good.
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